Google Maps for iOS Comes with New Features

March 21, 2015

Google Maps for iOS is by all accounts getting overhauled on a month to month premise, with some enormous new peculiarities presented in January and an alternate littler cluster included simply a month ago. Quicker, less demanding bearings For an application that is about route, Google Maps has dependably been a bit ungainly in terms of really getting directions.Now, you can just tap the receiver symbol, then say “headings to…


iOS 8.2 is Arriving in April!

February 11, 2015

Mac Loop covers Steve Jobs’ nuclear war, iOS 8.2 touching base in April, Samsung building the A9 framework on-chip for the iPhone 7, reviewing Photos for OSX, iPad deals to drop, Apple purchasing back shares, what to do with a sapphire industrial facility, and will there be a February 2015 Apple Event? Apple keeps on overhauling iOS 8, with the following form of the OS declared. iOS 8 has been…